Education Materials

The primary purpose of the Maggie Phair Institute for Human Rights and Democracy is education. On this page you will find free education materials ready and available for download.

The Origin of Capitalism Series: Slides and PDFS 

Exit Capitalism, Stage Left – Episode 12: The Origins of Capitalism Part I: Shakespeare and Mercantile Trade


Junior High Units
Introduction to Human Rights in a 6th to 8th grade classroom

  • This is a 4 day unit directed towards a social science or political science classroom which can be stretched to over a week depending on the class time restraints 
  • This includes 3 projects that go from the global to the local then ends with a unit on local action and organizing


High School Units

BLM Unit: Poetry As Social Critique and Pepsi Ad Analysis and Essay

  • This is a 1 week unit designed for an advanced 10th grade or standard 11/12th grade English or Literary Arts Classroom
  • All materials, including an essay prompt, are included


Independent Study and Distribution

What Is Disaster Capitalism (Pamphlet)