Exit Capitalism, Stage Left – Episode 12 Out Now!

The twelfth episode of Exit Capitalism, Stage Left is out now. This podcast is supported by The Maggie Phair Institute for Democracy and Human Rights.

This episode is the first in our education series which looks at the origins of capitalism in the early modern period. In part I of the series, I explore early modern English history, Queen Elizabeth I, King James I, and William Shakespeare’s works to look at early aspects of separation, dehumanization, and exploitation and how those aspects of capitalism manifest in The Tempest.

This podcast includes works from:

  • Silvia Federici – Caliban and the Witch
  • Francisco de Victoria’s lecture – “the Indian problem” from 1539
  • Dr. Virginia Mason Vaughan and Alden T. Vaughan’s article “The Tempest and Early Modern Concepts of Race.”
  • Claire Waters “The Tempest’s Sycorax as ‘Blue Eye’d Hag’: A Note Towards a Reassessment”
  • Jerry Broton’s The Sultan and the Queen: The Untold Story of Elizabeth and Islam

Don’t forget to send us your questions for the last segment of our podcast at exitcapitalismstageleft@gmail.com.