Exit Capitalism, Stage Left – Episode 7 Out Now!

The seventh episode of Exit Capitalism, Stage Left is out now. This podcast is supported by The Maggie Phair Institute for Democracy and Human Rights. 

The seventh episode of Exit Capitalism, Stage Left follows a new format and features an interview with a former Starbucks employee. Within this interview, he speaks of problematic working conditions within the company, the disconnect between corporate Starbucks and the stores themselves, and he gives his opinion on the rise of unionizations taking place at Starbucks across the nation.

The format of the podcast has officially been updated! Now we not only have intro and outro music, but we have five fixed segments which are as follows:

1a. Human Rights News in the U.S.

This segment is where we’ll take a look at what’s happening within the U.S. news this month. Generally, this will cover two to three major stories related to human rights.

1b. Good News/Victories to Hold Onto

Inspired by Mimi Soltysik who said we always had to hold onto our victories, no matter how small, this segment looks at a victory in the struggle for human rights and democracy.

2. Recommended Reading

My degrees are in English and I teach literature and writing courses outside of my work at the Maggie Phair Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, so this segment is really me sharing my day job and my training as an academic directly with the listeners through a book recommendation.

3. The Main Topic/Interview

What used to be the bulk of Exit Capitalism, Stage Left will now take place as the third segment of the podcast. This is where interviews or main topics will be explored. 

4. MPI Resources 

Since this podcast is sponsored and hosted by the Maggie Phair Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, I figured it’d be good to include a small segment that highlights a resource the MPI has that relates to the main topic of the podcast for that month. 

5. Ask Me

Exit Capitalism, Stage Left now has an email address for readers to send in questions, comments, concerns, or topics you’d like me to address. If you have something big or small and you’d like it talked about on the show, please reach out: ExitCapitalismStageLeft@gmail.com. 


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